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We are the North-American division of Lazy-Life Paris which is a highly unique furniture brand that offers to furnish your home with a wide range of contemporary, structure-free beanbag style, lounge furniture seating options. We offer a wide range of ottomans of different shapes and materials, the most unique line of beanbag chairs and bean bag loungers.

Lazy-Life Paris sprang from a desire to counter the rigid, stagnant presence of traditional furniture and allow people to liberate their rooms by furnishing it with furniture that is mobile and comfortable to an unprecedented level. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our use of various rich fabrics to bring you durable pieces that will enhance your enjoyment of them. Thus, we at Lazy-Life Paris aim to revolutionize contemporary furniture by bringing to life the concept of structure-free seating. Seating that is not only easily transportable, but highly adaptable and bursting with lively colours and patterns to reinvigorate your living space! With our lightweight, portable, multi-purpose chairs, we open up the possibility to make furniture buying an affordable and convenient experience, with an added dose of fun!

While our speciality lies in our range of beanbag and lounge furniture, you may also furnish your home with our collection of home accessories, tables, lap desk and pet beds, all of which will be progressively added to our existing variety.Through its versatile designs, Lazy-Life Paris delivers the sophistication, romance and simplicity of an emerging urban lifestyle – one lazy seat at a time!

The customer at the heart of our company…

We are a passionate team promoting a new way of living. Our goal is to make Lazy-Life Paris available for everyone. We know what our clients expect from us and we have set the bar very high to surpass their expectations. We offer our beautiful beanbag chairs and ottomans line to all of Canada.

Uncompromised quality!!

Our Lazy-Life Paris furniture is filled with first quality expendable polystyrene beads (EPS) that are made in Canada, are fully recyclable and fire retardant. All fabrics used at Lazy-Life Paris are strictly inspected to be 100% AZO-free. Our use of rich fabrics ensures solid quality and lasting durability.